A successful run of a multi-level marketing Company, need to have complete awareness of all aspects related to handle the members profile, tree structures, payouts, rewards etc. so the company needs to build up a bridge that can connect it to reach up-to the level to satisfy all the business need for its members with an efficient and user friendly software.

Network marketing software must play a very crucial role for a profitable MLM Business with all lucrative advantages.

MLM software has its own irreplaceable place in the building up and growth of the company. It proves the reliability of the company.

1. Domain Specialization & Expertise

Cyrus is having a board of all well trained professionals who has worked on all different aspects of network marketing like: Plan Design, Income Calculations, how to grow the business, Tactics of stability, infrastructure maintenance which boost an energy to knowledge, Its a real backbone of the industry. This will also help and support you to overcome all the hurdles which may come to your way.

2. Any Type of Compensation Plan Expertise

Cyrus is well versed with all kind of MLM Plans; either its Binary, Matrix, Forced Matrix, Uni Level, Helping, Investment, Board Plan, reverse 2 up, Party Plan, Spill-Over Binary Plan, Australian Binary Plan, Stair Step Break Away Plain or any other customized Plan.

3. Customized Modules Availability

MLM Superb includes all customized modules like: SMS API Integration, Email System, E-pin Generator, E-wallet, P-wallet, Franchise, Product Management, Shopping Module, Inventory, Courier Dispatch, Customer support, Accounting, SEO/SMO, Advertising, and Payment Gateway Etc. A customized MLM Software ensures you to select or choose any of our modules of your choice.

4. User Friendly Environment

If a person who is using any kind of software it must be very user friendly so that a layman can also work who is just a beginner with computer knowledge, our MLM Superb provides an environment to do all daily routine work on the software like MIS Reports, Payouts, Profiles Changes, Registrations, Tree Searching, We are providing a very simple way to handle everything under one roof.

5. Fast up-gradations and changes possible

If a Network marketing company start a business then they must need the support to run the business and they may need up-gradations and changes as per their business scenario, in that case they need a very fast solution to do the needful, our application made to cater all the requirement dynamically so that the up-gradations are possible with a very less time.

6. Easy Maintenance

Our MLM Superb Application Provides maximum dynamic settings from super admin, which youre your way simpler to get the things done, company can change in website, photos, news, seminars, events, videos, plan changes, modification and addition of new packages, change in percentage Etc. which makes a company headaches free which ensures 100% smooth maintenance.

7. Quality oriented ROI

Our MLM Superb Application is fully conversant with all the required featured and functionalities to run a company to the long run, and may not require to invest further to make changes or to add new features and modules. Which increase the reliability, quality and ultimately the return of your investment.

8. Name Effect Creating Brand

The effect of a Brand name can be understood to see the portfolio of a company; many successful Network Marketing companies have used our software and got the recognition in market only because of hurdle free business, if software will be good then it will automatically create a Brand.

9. Research & Development unit to keep you updated with new features and technology

Simplify we are very professional peoples who knows the worth of a mistake for a Business runner. So we have established an R&D department to provide features which gives you a easiest way to get the things done, and better with the earliest, we are providing latest developments to our clients, we are keep on launching new version.

10. Information & data Security enhancement to get a safe working environment with own data

The biggest thread for a company is the data and information security, which can destroy any business and database play a vital role in this. We are working on such a platform where we can ensure you the recovery of data in critical situation with assurance of safety; we are following crisis management in IT sector and creating the policies accordingly.

11. Online Business Promotion and advertising support

You will be getting a SEO Friendly website to online business promotions as well as doing advertising of your business plan on different MLM Portal, MLM News Portal, Classifieds, Facebook, Twitter, Google + .

12. MIS Reporting and easy documentation

You will be getting an ample of MIS reports to ease your business 100%, we are providing filtrations and required search criteria on a single featured page to get the customized report in very less time. Get welcome letter, Receipts, Vouchers, Commissions report in a single click.

13. Team Feedback and CRM

Cyrus believes on the relations from the root, and always making a healthy relationship between client and company, so that we can understand his requirement and can act accordingly to get the things done. Our CRM Teams conduct a scenario to gather the feedback information from client to make the quality enhancements, product up-gradations and overall improvements.

14. Pocket Friendly Solution to Get Start your Business

We guarantee for our cost if anyone go and compare with any other vendor who ensure all these advantages and features in the software, we suggest to get it compare with any one in term of Product Quality and cost BOTH.

15. Enjoy Timely & Speedy delivery

16. Be assured to have Quality Creation

17. Delight yourself with Our Generous Services

18. Scalability Eliminates Worry for Future Enhancements

19. Acquire Assurance for a Secured Solution

20. Get Benefited by Outstanding Performance Aspects